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What Is A Cryptopreneur?

What is a Cryptopreneur

The term “Cryptopreneur” is derived from two words, cryptocurrency & entrepreneur. Cryptocurrency as some of you guys might know is a digital currency that acts like our usual currency and is used to buy and sell goods and services. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is someone who creates a business, services, or procedures from newly developed ideas and bears most of the risks and also enjoys most of the rewards involved.


What is Cryptocurrency?

As I said earlier, cryptocurrency (or crypto) is a digital currency used as a form of payment for goods and services, but it also uses an online ledger with strong cryptography which is known as the blockchain to secure online transactions.

There are two types of cryptocurrency, COIN & TOKEN.

A coin here is regarded as digital cash that is independent of other blockchain or platforms. The likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are pure examples of what a coin is.

Tokens are of various types, such as security tokens, reward tokens, currency tokens, asset tokens, and utility tokens which serve different purposes and are dependent on other blockchains and platforms.

There are more than a thousand cryptocurrencies in the crypto-market and which you will be getting to know more about in some of our articles here.

Who is a Cryptopreneur?

A cryptopreneur is a type of entrepreneur with new innovative ideas to help build software and create services around cryptocurrency or the decentralized world.

Cryptocurrency, which is a source of income in which some people are making a living out of it and also building a fortune from it. These people are known as Cryptopreneurs and there are various types of cryptopreneurs currently, and which will be listed below.

Crypto Investor

These are groups of persons who invest in cryptocurrency by converting their fiat currency into the cryptocurrency of their choice. They make money from this by holding onto that cryptocurrency for a specific amount of time. Whereas the price or value of the cryptocurrency might have increased from the initial price they bought it.

Crypto Trader

Like our usual trader who buys products at a cheaper price and sells later at a higher price repeatedly. The crypto-traders also do the same thing but on a different level. Instead of buying physical products, they buy crypto assets at a particular price and sell such assets when their price increases. 

They are sometimes mistaken for crypto-investors but indeed, they are not.

“Not all crypto-traders are crypto-investors”

How they interact with the crypto market varies.

Crypto Developer

These developers are known to have vast knowledge about cryptography and how to use it. They are the backbone of cryptocurrency and sore creators of it.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that runs in a unique set of codes. So, every cryptocurrency and all platforms and software that operates on it was been created by a crypto-developer.

They make massive money from this and some of them are known to be the founders of most known cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Educator

They are often called crypto experts. These are people with vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry. They educate people with little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency and they are being paid by these people for this service.

Most of them create online courses and set up seminars that contain and discuss most of the important aspects of cryptocurrency and how they too can make money from it.

Crypto Influencer

People in this section are mostly bloggers, YouTubers, and social community managers who have a good number of audiences on their various platforms.

Some of them are crypto-educators, who use their influence to make people buy a new cryptocurrency or an existing one. Companies with new or existing cryptocurrency (mostly tokens) come to meet these influencers who in return make money either by accepting a fiat currency or a reasonable amount of the company’s token, just by influencing people to buy the token.

Crypto Marketer

Marketers are known to be very important in any business industry. In the crypto industry, marketers are also needed to help make a cryptocurrency noticeable by the public.

These people use different marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, ads creation, copywriting, and other online and offline marketing strategies to promote cryptocurrency, its services, or products (software & hardware).

So, they make money by just doing this.

Crypto Artist

With NFTs currently in play today, artists are beginning to make cool cash by creating and selling their artwork in NFTs markets.

They are the new earners in the crypto world and they are indeed making lots of money.


So in this article, we’ve explained what a cryptopreneur is and the various types of cryptopreneurs in the industry. Enlightening you on how these people make money from the crypto-industry and also preparing a pathway for you if you believe this industry is for you.

In other of our articles, we will be helping you on your journey of becoming a high-income earner in the crypto-industry. So, do visit our website more often to gain more knowledge as you make that first step.

We will be so fulfilled if you do.