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3 Major Reasons Why You Should Buy Cryptocurrency

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Before I go into why you should buy cryptocurrency, you ought to know what cryptocurrency is all about, click here to know all about cryptocurrency.

So in this article, l will be discussing why you should buy cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Is A Digital Asset

First of all, let us know what is an asset – An asset is any resource or goods used to induce cash inflow, reduce charges, or give future profitable benefits for an individual, government, or business. A digital asset, in this case, is an asset in a digital or virtual form.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset that is backed up by blockchain technology; a network that is distributed across a large number of computers. Unlike other digital assets, cryptocurrency is decentralized, that is, it is outside the control of central authorities and government.

Owning a cryptocurrency means owning a digital asset but it is worth noting that;

“Not all digital assets are crypto assets, but all crypto assets are digital assets.”

The Power of Compounding

Compounding interest is when your money begins to earn for you and its earnings also earn for you. Compounding ensures your money is working for you.

Compounding is the fastest and easiest way to become wealthy as an investor. Cryptocurrency helps you tap into this power of compounding and being that cryptos are more volatile than stock, so with the right education, information, and project you can make massive profits.

So many people say “I can’t invest in cryptocurrency.” 

The truth is that you can’t risk not investing in cryptocurrency because money is not the problem; with the right information, timing, right project and the power of compounding many small investors have become big investors. 

Cryptocurrency moves faster than stock, we have seen some like Shiba Inu that has surged about 700,000% in less than a year, Polygon also has surged about 9000% in this year. Dogecoin has surged about 10,000℅ in one year and about 107,000% since 2013. 

Below is a testimony of an investor;

“I invested $7 in Shiba Inu early this year, probably in March, and today my $7 has been compounded into about $2,240.” – Raphael.

Store of Value 

Cryptocurrency also serves as a store of value from inflation, your money is always working unlike when it is kept in your bank’s savings account. 

Most exchange platforms still give investment opportunities higher than normal banks. If you are unable to take risks you can also stake stable coins and still get higher returns.

Exchange platforms such as; Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, Hotbit, etc offer such investment opportunities.


There are more reasons why you should buy cryptocurrency but right here in this article, we listed three reasons why you should. Cryptocurrency has indeed changed lives and it still does to date. 

So, it will be unwise if you don’t take such opportunities the cryptocurrency industry gives but it will be risky going into the industry without having the required knowledge needed to become a true Cryptopreneur.

I’d advise you, visit us once more or maybe often for more information about how to go about in the crypto industry.